Magnificence of Zateal

The group entered the twin cities of Zateal. the group then perused the markets. Brother Kyell returned to his former forge master to find that he had been killed by a wave of Were Wolf Attacks that have been plaguing the city. Erindul, Logrosh, and Xavery were cornered by the Zateal police and asked Erindul to accompany them to be questioned for the recent murders by were wolves (because he is part of the well known family line afflicted with Lycinthropy). The Tribunal questioned Erindul and reviewed evidence given by the party but magically manipulated evidence was taken and two of the three tribunal members were prejudice of Erindul and wanted to rush the trial. The third tribunal member wanted more evidence but was overruled by the other two. Erindul was taken to the Zateal Prison for rehabilitation. The surgeon met with Erindul and said that she could not wait to see what made him tick. The group with the aide of the tribunal member try to find out the true intensions of the Prison.


jloganschell dgeaves78

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