The Faceless one


The group returned to the codex where they investigated the framing of Erindul . Zavery and Erindul (after some thorough investigation) found out that their old teacher Paracelsus Oberron was the one responsible for Erindul being blamed for the murders. The group went to confront him with their evidence but when they reached the door they needed to know if he was actually him. Logrosh cast detect evil on the teacher. The teach felt the good spell and turned around where Logrosh saw that it had no face and it quickly changed into a flying mantaray (which the group saw during the Planar attack at the Asylum. The group found the body of the real teacher in a secret compartment in the office. The guards showed up and with some convincing from Logrosh the guards sent for Aurelia. the group explained what they had found and the group was given a reward the access to a secret portal to the Feal forest or the Pamira Islands. The group decided to go to the feal forest to return the angel skin found on Trokjow The Great.


jloganschell jloganschell

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