Under the Fountian

What we saw

The group was able to defeat the crystal beings. After the battle Erindul became overcome with the spirit of the namless. He then screamed the name of the namless and jumped into the large hole that was once the Feal Fountian (the terrian home the Feal dietess. Worried for the fate of their friend and comrade the group then cast spells that allowed them to fly and began the decent into the dark abyss. When they reached the bottom they found Erindul with his sanity back. Sky had fallen (again) and was gravely injured erindul and Logrosh administered healing aid to the olimpian Cleric. They then found themselves at the bottom of the abyss but the floor was a sheet of emerald green crystal. When the group stepped onto the crystal floor it made a high pitched sound and after a few moments started to sink they quickly escaped onto a rock ledge and realized that if they kept moving then the floor would not harm them. (as long as they kept moving. They then started to walk toward an unknow destination in hopes of finding a way out but found only more Crystal beings that formed out of the floor. They were only able to defeat these creatures with an aid of one of the legendary Feal Angels. Sinsiriaus was the name of that angel and he guided them to is post in which he had stood guard for many long years. He told the group of the nameless one and how the Feal dietess and many Angels attempted to vanish him and they lost Not only all but three Angels but also their dietess in the process. He then looked back at his sigil and said. “That’s strange, that bucket was not their before.” The group could only look upon this oddity from a distance due to a very powerful barrier protecting the area. Logrosh presented the Angel Skin to Sinserius and he accepted it and told Logrosh that he would protect it (It was one of his kin’s skin). The group was then teleported out to the entrance of the Fount Abyss. They Ventured on and found a Feal village. Keeping with the Feal nutrality and isolationism the group was not welcome for long and thus Journeyed further north the the Solarian Gates.


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