Brannon The Sundered Heart

Former Solari King. Ruled during the Day of Tears.


Red Headed 5’10’’ good and just man


Became Ruler of the Solarians at age 20. The Nekronian Campaigns were entering their 80th year and the the end seemed near. Failing to convert the Halflings through missionaries, he began a military assault that brought them into the fold by force. Three months Later a meteor fell on Terra. He sent ships to investigate.

The story of the Pamire Adventure is recorded in History. Due to what transpired on the Pamire island, the Termanians, aided by the Necronians and Zeteal, invaded Solaria. The vastly outnumbered defenders held during the first overwhelming charge, but then the dragons came and destroyed the defenses and thus resulting in the Day of Tears.

Brannon and the surviving Solarians escaped and founded a new land after the events of the Battle of Light Bridge. He took a new approach and made an alliance with the Feal in the Feal Forest and started the building of the Wall which stands today.

Brannon The Sundered Heart

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