Saint Aleria the Sin Drinker

Ancient Saint of Solaris who undertook the Great Pilgrimage


female- 19- Priestess of Helea


10 soldiers, 1 helia, and 1 solaris are dispatched to handle a bandit problem on the northern front. The party arrives without incident to the burned farm. They discover the farm is burned to the ground entirely; crops, buildings, supplies. Stopped by irrigation and road barriers. They discover a small ooze with a more deathly ooze in the distance. Argus and Aleria defeat the ooze. They get attacked by orcs while smiting the ooze. Argus flames 8 of them in a fiery column. 7 other orcs kill one of their men. They kill all of the orcs.They search the bodies of the orcs and find a small flask of the corruption. Argus and Aleria call upon Solaris and Helia for guidance as to what is in the flask. Helios says the flask is the “corruption and sin of all people and that we must go to the cave of the damned. Near the forest of the orcs.” They then sleep a night and then move into the forest in search of the Cave of the Damned. They enter the cave and are confronted with a cup that contains the sins of the world. Aleria drinks the cup and takes the sins of the world upon her. Aleria is canonized and her sacrifice is known around the world. Jasyn makes it out alive but his arm was necrotized. Jasyn and Argus make it back to the capital. In the end a small band of orcs joins Solaris in appreciation of Aleria’s sacrifice.

Saint Aleria the Sin Drinker

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