Sontar II The Unbroken

Current King of Solaria


He is 6 ft 7 in tall. Black of Hair. Was ordained but the priest to be after his Father Herron the Just joned his Forebears in the Sunlands.


Born to Heron the Just and Queen Yelsan The Fair. Joined the military ranks as a fighter at age 17. Saw first combat with the Barbarian Hill tribes. There he killed the mighty Bone lord Terrak putting the tribe under heel.

At 20 he underwent the Fire Trial (all future kings must pass to rule). The Prince was captured by The Goblin lord Jibu and forced to fight for their pleasure in an arena for 2 years. He then escaped with the help of 2 Paladins Rorick of the Silver Star and Gronash of the Sunspear (later renamed Dawnbreaker). Rorick was killed in the attempt. Sontar later returned in force and left none alive for their brutality.

He now rules firmly but fairly, seeking to eliminate all necromancy that he can find, in addition to making the Reclaiming a reality.

Sontar II The Unbroken

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