Continued around the sewer

The group decided they hated water combat however Erindal did manage to surf on a sharks back through the water. The group continued through the orc necronian sewer. Killed three Kelpies (Sirens). Killed the water boss Morvis The Mephit a water impish being who claimed to rule that section of the sewer because he attacked saying we tainted the water by moving it around (turning valves). Working our way through with keys. Back tracking to grab a missed one.

Continued to explore the sewers

Still looking for killjoy or leads we continued through the sewer fighting some in water. Found a tablet with writing about summoning the shard of insanity. Ran into a room filled with squid monsters and attacked them. Found four machine pumps presumably connected to four valves.

Wandered about in the sewer

We wandered around the sewer mapping it. Found a thieve’s treasure stash walked about and found the tunnels we came through blocked with water.

Headed below

Guards are searching for us after the attack on the tower. We put a hit out on a random bartender to pull killjoy the assassin out. Then we just bribed someone to setup a meet. Assassins came to the bar meet instead and the bar tender joined in. We killed them all and after checking around went into the sewers and met Morvis The Mephit a water impish being with leather wings who owned that section of sewer. Said he wouldn’t be hostile unless we took water.

Wandered around Perilopolis

Entered Perilopolis without problem. Visited a bar for foreigners. Got a lead on Killjoy who supposedly killed Nimrod (King’s PC, no page yet)‘s parents. The party worked together to break into where the main was being tortured for information and kill everyone else in the room. Party members asked him to reveal the killers location, when he insisted he wouldn’t because he was afraid of Killjoy, Nimrod and LoGrosh killed him and the party left without any leads.

Trudging across north peninsula to Perilopolis

We traveled to Perilopolis across the top peninsula. Ran into a farmer we scared. Brother Kyell (PC) rolled like a 70 on performance distracting guards. Were all wanted in Nekronia except Kyell.

Escaped Terminian ship

We escaped the Terminian ship fighting to the lifeboats.

Got on a ship to head north of and travel down to Perilopolis

Got on a ship to head north of Perilopolis and travel down to it. Decided to go with the quicker larger army ship. The ship moved to arrest us and alert port as we neared our destination because we had a baby dragon (which is illegal in Terminian control) with us as a gift from her indentured mother much earlier from several sessions earlier.

Heading to Delor to board a ship for Perilopolis

Group slowly made its way towards Delor. Attacked by vampires and Nimrod under their control the group tied him up and trudged on. Xavrry put his crystal in Vamire blood and went semi unconscious. The group fought off a some re resurrected vampires. After their defeat what seemed to be a powerful female vampire named Lady Pamira appeared and eventually Brother Kyell and LoGrosh Dawnbreaker through the air knocking them out calming to be inspecting the new competition in the The Great Game (likely Xavrry and something to do with the crystal) she disappeared. The group traveled on and was close to Delor.

Session 3 (Copied from Doc)

Play Time Summary: We escape through cunning riddle solving to Miller’s Knob. The party takes the dead LoGrosh Dawnbreaker (Tank) and Nimrod(King) visit Pella in town who permanently resurrects heals them. They find a trapdoor room in town with info on secret formula things. Mayor Bilfrup offers a reward if the party is able to convince nearby semi nomadics to protect the city. While doing this the party partially raids a cave and gets phat loot. (You see that sentence is hip and cool because phat is spelled with a p)

Full Summary: After being lost for two days, the party finally solves the riddle (with a teeny bit of guidance. Props to Erindul and Nimrod for deciphering the pattern). After seeing a skull smiling at them, Xavvry and Nimrod decide to go South at the final junction, leading to them out of the Dread Forest. After about a half day’s journey, however, Lo’Grosh and Nimrod once again succumb to their old injuries, which reappear and slay them painfully. The surviving members bribe a passing merchant wagon to take them all back to Miller’s Knob. Upon arrival, the party makes it to Pella’s hovel. Pella, an aged wisened Solarian cleric, is able to resurrect Lo’Grosh. She is initially wary of raising a Terminan, but after Lo’Grosh tells her that it will bring him “One step closer to the light” she relents.
Meanwhile, Brother Kyell, sent by visions to seek a Terminan ranger, finds the party and begins observing them as they mill about town, doing errands, drinking at the Wailing Wench, trying to earn an honest living, and pillaging burned houses.
The Mayor offers a reward to anyone who can convince the nearby Krug to protect the city of Miller’s Knob. The party went out and Brother Kyell (Erindul) tagged along and talked to their leader, Gor, who after some discussion agreed to protect the city if the adventurers would get rid of Gob-Gobs a local terror to the Krug The party set out to observe the cave where the supposed menace lived but were spotted. Charging in the party saw loot, was immediately distracted and climbing down a cliff face Erindul (Devon) retrieved it in the face of a retreating snake. Goblins attacked and died.


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