Session 2 (Copied from Doc)

In game time span: 12th of Sol Full Moon (Summer) 500 Common Time (CT) over one evening

Play Time Summary: ESCAPE! The Nekronian Raiders[Orcs] captured the party moved them to and are keeping them in their dungeon/lair. The Orcs are keeping dead Lo’Grosh (Tank) and Nimrod(King) alive through necromancy. Xavrry(UnRen) used a spell to Charm Crackaw[Orc] who helped them escape to a maze of a forest.

Full Summary: The group awoke in pitch black cells. Lo’Grosh (Tank) and Nimrod(King) had died fighting the Orcs in the previous town and were being reanimated nightly to keep them alive (apparently with necromancy). Erindul (devon) picked his cell lock. Lo’Grosh (Tank) lit his shirt on fire \o/ and there was light. Xavrry(UnRen) finally realized he could cast Dancing Lights to illuminate the area. Erindul (devon) tried picking all the locks but failed, and broke them. Guard checked in left the key and more on a bench. Erindul (devon) snuck out and got the key while Lo’Grosh (Tank)… abused the guard by CIA REDACTED. Nimrod(King) threw a rock and finished off the injured guard who slumped over trying to open the door.(its all in the wrist) They all escaped and tried to open a nearby chest, it burst into flames. It was filled with the parties gear of which the party was able to save some :( . The group checked the end of the prison hall and found Crackaw[Orc] and Gilgow[Orc] with an altar that extended necromancy spells to last a max of 3 days. They were talking about how the party or party members would die and not be reanimated that night. Xavrry(UnRen) used “Charm Person” to charm Crackaw[Orc], the guy with the orc necromancy. The party killed Gilgow then talked Crackaw[Orc] into resurrecting him. Xavrry(UnRen) casually asked charmed Crackaw [Orc] if Gilgow[Orc] had any family, he had/has a boy named gilgaw with some (“whore”) lady orc. Lo’Grosh (Tank) threatened Gilgow[Orc] with his sons safety(rash?). Lo’Grosh (Tank) demanded Gilgow[Orc] tell them how to find Trokjow, who the whole party didn’t know about, and learned a book in perilopolis(City) protected by guards could reveil Trokjow’s changing locations, and that they could truly resurrect the reanimated and still dying/dead Lo’Grosh (Tank) and Nimrod(King) by visiting a sanctuary in Millers Knob. Charmed Crackaw[Orc] re upped the dead Lo’Grosh (Tank) and Nimrod(King)’s 3 days of necromancy life. Xavrry(UnRen) asked the charmed Crackaw [Orc] if he could lead him to the surface for a breath of fresh air and in exchange he’d show him a new spell he’d like. Crackaw [Orc] agreed. Crackaw [Orc] led them through some secret paths and almost died to a slime (gelatinous monster), the group talked their way through the dungeon holding a chain of Erindul’s (devon) and arrived at the surface. Crackaw [Orc] asked to see the special spell Xavrry(UnRen) asked about Xavrry(UnRen) cast Dancing Lights to provide “one faintly glowing vaguely humanoid shape” far away among the forest and said it was his his dead grandmother. While the shape was disapearing he bonked Crackaw[Orc] on the back of the head to knock him out, again, or tried… and so Lo’Grosh (Tank) quickly finished up and knocked him out with the blunt side of his blade. The group hiked for a half an hour and came to a magical sign post with these words in orcish

Look upon me and despair
Your ever getting out of here
I speak the truth except when I lie
Follow my lead or you will die in fear

And what is left is only for mourning
There is no right or wrong
All that lives will soon pass on
Only that which is made by kings

There is only dust to the North
And only tears to the East
Life drains out all of your pores
Leaving the worms to have their feast

Now here is where I’ll reveal
Life’s greatest lie
Going up to heaven is not what happens
When you die

Session 1 (Copied from Doc)

In game time span: 5th of Sol (Summer), 500 Common Time (CT) over one evening

Play Time Summary: Arriving separately in town as strangers we got our faces mowed down by Nekronian Raiders [Orcs] then had them progressively blown off by alchemy.

Full Summary: We all arrived separately at the town of Miller’s Knob, upon which we walked around and did a lot of walking around each other without talking. We noticed the inn (The wailing wench, known for its fine bread bowls.) was closed. Oh, and also filled with cowering people ahem. Xavrry(UnRen) the wizard proceed with “caution” to blow the door down, or try, then kick it in. Once inside he delivered a strong message of hope and curiosity which the hiding peoples fully ignored. Erindul (devon) managed to get them to say the words Orc attack and so the merry group of strangers stepped outside to spear itself on the oncoming armies blades. Lo’Grosh (Tank) cut a Orc in two and Erindul (devon) the alchemist missed a lot of bombs being the only one alive and nuked allies and enemies alike. The Nekronian Orc leader, Crackaw, of


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