Session 1 (Copied from Doc)

In game time span: 5th of Sol (Summer), 500 Common Time (CT) over one evening

Play Time Summary: Arriving separately in town as strangers we got our faces mowed down by Nekronian Raiders [Orcs] then had them progressively blown off by alchemy.

Full Summary: We all arrived separately at the town of Miller’s Knob, upon which we walked around and did a lot of walking around each other without talking. We noticed the inn (The wailing wench, known for its fine bread bowls.) was closed. Oh, and also filled with cowering people ahem. Xavrry(UnRen) the wizard proceed with “caution” to blow the door down, or try, then kick it in. Once inside he delivered a strong message of hope and curiosity which the hiding peoples fully ignored. Erindul (devon) managed to get them to say the words Orc attack and so the merry group of strangers stepped outside to spear itself on the oncoming armies blades. Lo’Grosh (Tank) cut a Orc in two and Erindul (devon) the alchemist missed a lot of bombs being the only one alive and nuked allies and enemies alike. The Nekronian Orc leader, Crackaw, of


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