Under the Fountian
What we saw

The group was able to defeat the crystal beings. After the battle Erindul became overcome with the spirit of the namless. He then screamed the name of the namless and jumped into the large hole that was once the Feal Fountian (the terrian home the Feal dietess. Worried for the fate of their friend and comrade the group then cast spells that allowed them to fly and began the decent into the dark abyss. When they reached the bottom they found Erindul with his sanity back. Sky had fallen (again) and was gravely injured erindul and Logrosh administered healing aid to the olimpian Cleric. They then found themselves at the bottom of the abyss but the floor was a sheet of emerald green crystal. When the group stepped onto the crystal floor it made a high pitched sound and after a few moments started to sink they quickly escaped onto a rock ledge and realized that if they kept moving then the floor would not harm them. (as long as they kept moving. They then started to walk toward an unknow destination in hopes of finding a way out but found only more Crystal beings that formed out of the floor. They were only able to defeat these creatures with an aid of one of the legendary Feal Angels. Sinsiriaus was the name of that angel and he guided them to is post in which he had stood guard for many long years. He told the group of the nameless one and how the Feal dietess and many Angels attempted to vanish him and they lost Not only all but three Angels but also their dietess in the process. He then looked back at his sigil and said. “That’s strange, that bucket was not their before.” The group could only look upon this oddity from a distance due to a very powerful barrier protecting the area. Logrosh presented the Angel Skin to Sinserius and he accepted it and told Logrosh that he would protect it (It was one of his kin’s skin). The group was then teleported out to the entrance of the Fount Abyss. They Ventured on and found a Feal village. Keeping with the Feal nutrality and isolationism the group was not welcome for long and thus Journeyed further north the the Solarian Gates.

Strange Weather in the Feal Forest
The fallen Sky

The group was taken to the codex were Aurelia showed them a portal that linked the Feal Forest and Pamir Island and Zateal together. She said that the portal would take use to either destination all we had to do was walk into the portal together and travel thousands of miles. The group decided that going to the Feal was the best option in order to return the Angel skin taken from Trokjaw the Defiler. From there the group could then proceed to Logrosh’s homeland of Solaria in order to gain reinforcments for the journey to Ashen Vale to learn and reveal the Dwarven plot of world domination.

The group then entered the portal and was instantaniously wisked away and found themselves in the Feal Forest. The group found themselves in a clearing where a deep round crater and remains of what seemed to be the Fountain of Erilia were scattered about the area. As the group speculated on what occurred a hole in the sky opened and for a brief second the group could see time and space before them. Out of this hole fell a strange being that was human in appearance but had feathers growing behind his ears and ankles. The being wore what he called a toga and we call a tabbard but with no cloths with it. It was a very strange creature. Xavery fell to the ground and seemed to be in a trance. Nimod and Logrosh remembering their recent ordeals with beings from different planes jumped into action. Logrosh put his sword “Eden’s Revenge” to the being’s throat and Nimod knotted an arrow in his bow. When Xavery and the being woke from their trance and concussion Nimod, Erindul, and Logrosh began to ask the being questions. He said that his name is Sky the Guide, he is an olympian (whatever that is) and he is in search for a hero to guide toward their destiny. Logrosh could not help but chuckle and say that he did not believe this and Nimrod agreed. At the moment before Logrosh could dispatch this Sky the Guide, a number of beings that had skin like cut jewels and were in the form of man and large wolf appeared from the crater and began chanting the cursed name.

The Faceless one

The group returned to the codex where they investigated the framing of Erindul . Zavery and Erindul (after some thorough investigation) found out that their old teacher Paracelsus Oberron was the one responsible for Erindul being blamed for the murders. The group went to confront him with their evidence but when they reached the door they needed to know if he was actually him. Logrosh cast detect evil on the teacher. The teach felt the good spell and turned around where Logrosh saw that it had no face and it quickly changed into a flying mantaray (which the group saw during the Planar attack at the Asylum. The group found the body of the real teacher in a secret compartment in the office. The guards showed up and with some convincing from Logrosh the guards sent for Aurelia. the group explained what they had found and the group was given a reward the access to a secret portal to the Feal forest or the Pamira Islands. The group decided to go to the feal forest to return the angel skin found on Trokjow The Great.

The Journey into Madness

The group in their investigation of the prison discover that it is a front for a Planar being and it’s cult in an attempt for their planar being to cross over. The group then discovered that the prison was protected by an antimagic field but the cultist turned it off so they could open the portals of their planar being. The group fought their way to the control panels and found the anti-magic field generator but also another device not of Zateal Origin. The group figured out the puzzle on the device and was transported to the planar Realm of madness. There, the group was trapped in separate realities for a time and then they came together and had to fight Ro’-CroGrath a physical form of the planar deity.

Magnificence of Zateal

The group entered the twin cities of Zateal. the group then perused the markets. Brother Kyell returned to his former forge master to find that he had been killed by a wave of Were Wolf Attacks that have been plaguing the city. Erindul, Logrosh, and Xavery were cornered by the Zateal police and asked Erindul to accompany them to be questioned for the recent murders by were wolves (because he is part of the well known family line afflicted with Lycinthropy). The Tribunal questioned Erindul and reviewed evidence given by the party but magically manipulated evidence was taken and two of the three tribunal members were prejudice of Erindul and wanted to rush the trial. The third tribunal member wanted more evidence but was overruled by the other two. Erindul was taken to the Zateal Prison for rehabilitation. The surgeon met with Erindul and said that she could not wait to see what made him tick. The group with the aide of the tribunal member try to find out the true intensions of the Prison.

A triumphant Return
The Judgment on the Krul

The group having learned in the Plane of Necros that the Krul were the ones actually poisoning the water of Millers Knob and the Krul Village returned to the krul village after a brief rest in Miller’s Knob where the sun shown brighter than it has in a long while. The group arrived and with some diplomacy and detective work revealed the true evil doer the Krul’s own Chief was found with the poison and the group gave the proof to the village and the villagers then stripped the chief naked and tied him up to a cart and said that they would take care of it. they then journeyed to the twin cities of Zateal.

Trials of Trakjaw

Finished the trials in what seemed another plane and fought and killed trakjaw. Trakjaw’s essence was pulled into the two blood gems. Everyone ran as Necros was summoned. The group then ran to Miller’s Knob.

Down the rabbit hole

Fought through the Necronian lair, found a sarcophagus leading to a set of “Trials” that will lead to trakjaw.

Up up and away

We continued through the sewer. Found Killjoy, companions and a giant trained squid like creature in a final room. After a bit of chatting they attacked us and all died in combat. The group learned that the assassin was probably hired by the king of Terminia to take our his mother Nira who had likely been traveling with Anselem the Zateal formula researcher. The group then left the sewer through a surprisingly convenient invisible exit. One of the halflings got away.


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