Dead Eye


The sons of a Human Pirate and an Elvin Ninja, young a half elf was raised up to be the first Pirate Ninja! As a member of both parties, it was had to find a place in the Pirate/Ninja War until tragedy struck in the form of a deadly raid on the floating village where Patch lived.

Separated from his family, Patch was found floating on a small scrap of wood from the wreckage. He was rescued by a small schooner and an unusual band of pirate commandos; vowed to attain for past crimes on the high seas. Realizing the toll the war had wrought on his own life, Patch joined the group taking a vow of silence and the name “Dead-Eye”, dedicating himself to righting wrongs and stopping both assassins and bandits wherever they might prey.

Does patches family still live? …

Dead Eye

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