Strange Weather in the Feal Forest

The fallen Sky

The group was taken to the codex were Aurelia showed them a portal that linked the Feal Forest and Pamir Island and Zateal together. She said that the portal would take use to either destination all we had to do was walk into the portal together and travel thousands of miles. The group decided that going to the Feal was the best option in order to return the Angel skin taken from Trokjaw the Defiler. From there the group could then proceed to Logrosh’s homeland of Solaria in order to gain reinforcments for the journey to Ashen Vale to learn and reveal the Dwarven plot of world domination.

The group then entered the portal and was instantaniously wisked away and found themselves in the Feal Forest. The group found themselves in a clearing where a deep round crater and remains of what seemed to be the Fountain of Erilia were scattered about the area. As the group speculated on what occurred a hole in the sky opened and for a brief second the group could see time and space before them. Out of this hole fell a strange being that was human in appearance but had feathers growing behind his ears and ankles. The being wore what he called a toga and we call a tabbard but with no cloths with it. It was a very strange creature. Xavery fell to the ground and seemed to be in a trance. Nimod and Logrosh remembering their recent ordeals with beings from different planes jumped into action. Logrosh put his sword “Eden’s Revenge” to the being’s throat and Nimod knotted an arrow in his bow. When Xavery and the being woke from their trance and concussion Nimod, Erindul, and Logrosh began to ask the being questions. He said that his name is Sky the Guide, he is an olympian (whatever that is) and he is in search for a hero to guide toward their destiny. Logrosh could not help but chuckle and say that he did not believe this and Nimrod agreed. At the moment before Logrosh could dispatch this Sky the Guide, a number of beings that had skin like cut jewels and were in the form of man and large wolf appeared from the crater and began chanting the cursed name.


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